Sunday, December 11, 2011

How To Use Your Areas Of Focus To Start Projects And Identify Next Actions


In this weekly review I talk about how to start creating projects from your areas of focus list and then to identify the next actions for them. I also spend some time talking about some changes I've been making in the member area.

This week some of our members decided to start working on becoming a white belt master and I worked a lot on organizing and setting up the forum area of the membership section. Members are starting to visit the forum and get involved so it's pretty exciting.

Basically what I did tonight in this week's episode of the weekly review was take a couple of the belts and create some areas of focus. I then expanded on those areas by creating a few projects and finally began identifying next actions to move those projects forward.

My goal here is to show you a process behind what I am doing so that you can see how everything moves forward in small steps. Small steps can eventually take you a long way. Every journey starts with one small step and ours is no different here.

In my white belt area, I had a couple areas of focus. One was my checklists I am making to get everything out of my head. The other area of focus are the thirty day challenges I am doing.

For those, I decided upon two next actions. Those were:

  • Make a list of all of my inboxes and put them on my checklist.

  • Make a list of potential thirty day challenges to do in January.

For my red belt, my area of focus was getting the processing of my gtd inboxes mastered completely. My next action there was to:

  • Start working on my physical inbox

For my yellow belt, which is my physical health belt, I broke things down into three areas of focus. Diet, cardio and weightlifting. I then identified these next actions.

  • Figure out what to eat for breakfast each day.

  • Get my heart rate monitor out so I can start using it.

  • Re-read the weightlifting book from the master I have identified.

I didn't go through each belt and figured that was enough for this session. Next week, we'll expand on this a bit as I move things forward.

Start taking action and mastering your life one belt at a time.

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