Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Daily Review #16 How To Use Checklists To Help You Avoid Mistakes


Today, I talk about how a checklist can help you avoid making mistakes. No matter how good we are, sometimes we don't make the best decisions. Maybe we get tired. Maybe we had something we didn't like happen to us or maybe we just have a bad day. As much as we would like to be perfect, sometimes it just doesn't happen that way.

I have found that one of the reasons I make mistakes is because I try and take a short cut or leave steps out of a proven process. Whenever I don't get the outcome I want, it's usually because of that. And a lot of times, it boils down to the fact that I might have forgot an important step.

There's a difference between forgetting a step and choosing not to do it. And the difference is in the checklist. A checklist provides you the road map to the best decision possible if you use it and helps you in the moment - remember to do the steps that are crucial to your success in the right order and at the right time.

In this daily review, I share with you some more details on why you have to get everything out of your head. Why I feel it is so important and encourage you to start right away at getting them down.

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