About The Black Belt Project

Hey there, I'm the Virtual Sensei and I want to welcome you to the Black Belt Project. I guess the first thing I should do is confess that I've never practiced the martial arts and I also am not a "real" Sensei. I'm just an average guy who lives with my family in Indiana and I work in sales across the country.

I am also a person who is seeking to master my life one step at a time by seeking constant improvement in all things that I do.

I first got the idea for the Black Belt Project from reading David Allen's book Getting Things Done: The Art Of Stress Free Living. In his book, he lays out a system that is better known as GTD - a system that I've implemented in my own life. GTD has given me awesome clarity of all the things that I must do at any given time.

In studying GTD, I discovered that his followers discuss a concept of being a "Black Belt at GTD". To me that meant, being the best at GTD you could possibly be and I've strived for excellence with my own GTD system. Over the years, I have looked for the best tools and enjoy tweaking my system for peak efficiency.

After a number of years, I thought, why must this black belt thinking only apply to GTD? Why not extend it to everything we do? And thus, the Black Belt Project was born. I adopted the name of the Virtual Sensei to go with the theme behind the whole concept.

So What's The Purpose Of The Black Belt Project

What I have learned in my real life is that a lot of the people I've met personally aren't really truly committed or even interested in taking steps to improve their life let alone set up a GTD system. And to be honest, a lot of people aren't interested in seeing others succeed where they fail. Personally, it's frustrating for me as well, as I hate to see people waste the potential they have.

But I know that there are people who are interested in committing to excellence and who want to see others succeed.

I'm guessing if you are reading this that you are probably one of the people who is in pursuit of excellence. So, what I wanted to do was create a community of like minded people, or students, who also share my philosophy of seeking life mastery where we could come together and train in this skill.

What I've found is that while there are a lot of people who are willing to commit to excellence in their life, they feel stuck and overwhelmed. They are frustrated with their current situation. And, while they might want to master their life, they just aren't sure where or how to begin. They also might get to a certain point and get stuck and can't get any further. They are looking for answers and the current material available in bookstores to help people doesn't speak to them or their own personal situations.

Others are themselves near masters at what they do but want to excel to a higher degree. They seek to learn from others who also desire to master all the things that life throws at them. They looking for that one additional tip that will help them tweek their life systems to a higher level. They also want to help others reach their level of success.

Regardless of your current level of mastery, I want to show you how I would approach attaining mastering from the very beginning. Through a series of podcasts, video tutorials and articles, I take on this task of showing you an insider's view of someone implementing a black belt mentality. With successes and failures along the way, I open up to share my journey with you.

Most self-help gurus stories start the same, as individuals who were broke and down on their luck. When you learn about them, they are suddenly wildly successful. But what I think is missing is the journey in between. What actions did they take to turn their life around? What were they thinking?

Now I don't really consider myself a self help guru, but I put together this site to show you how to start from scratch, define what your life's actions should be and start taking action and let you see the results whether they be failures or successes.

I want to thank you for visiting the site and here's to mastering your life and encourage you to get started today!

- Your Virtual Sensei

PS. If you'd like you can visit my Google+ profile to follow me there as well as here.

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