Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Daily Review #11 Learn How To Determine Your Black Belt GTD Level

In daily review #11, don't ask me why I called it daily review #12 in the video, I discuss how important the checklist is to your black belt gtd setup and how to figure out just what level of black belt that you are. I believe that it's important to get everything out of your head and into checklist.

Getting everything out of your head is the key to a stress free life. Why? Because if you get everything out of your head and put them into checklist, you are listing all of the activities that ultimately define what done looks like. When you know what done looks like, and have completed the tasks behind it, then when you have free time, you won't be worrying about what you didn't do.

I hope you enjoy today's daily review. I made it a video today and also added collection stuff to my list as well as fine tuned it a bit more.

You can see my actual daily review checklist. It's the one I am working with. It's time to start your own.

Here's the link to my daily review checklist.

[S3VIDEO file='video/dailyreview12.mp4']

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