Monday, December 5, 2011

Daily Review #10 Getting My Email Inbox To Empty


In today's review, I talk a little about the next step in getting my GTD system in shape. In the last episode, I got my voicemail to empty. Today, I got my email inbox to zero. I had nearly a 1000 emails in my inbox when I started as I had been neglected for the past week or two.

I updated my daily review checklist and tomorrow plan on getting my paper inbox into shape. I'll be adding the steps to do that when I do. I also fine tuned the list some by adding a few extra housekeeping items like printing out the list.

Getting your system to black belt is all about setting the bar at a certain point, reaching that bar daily and then adding a few more tasks. This progressive resistance adds to your mental strength.

Are you working on your daily review checklist? If not get started by getting one task out of your head.

Good luck!

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I have been clearing out my text messages at the end of every day. If a particular message needs to be an action item, etc., I "lock" that particular message. Then I delete all the unneeded texts. Leaves me with the few I need to take another step with. Much easier to manage. Not so much "looming" over me.