Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What Taking Action Can Do For You

Tonight I wanted to talk about what taking action can do for your life by telling you a story about a guy that is in one of the groups I belong too. About four years ago, he started a website that probably cost him roughly a few hundred dollars. Four years later, he sold that website for $200,000. Not a bad financial return.

What he doesn't say in the article is how he focused on one project, wrote over a million words and followed consistent action on a daily basis.

That's the thing about goals. They don't go anywhere without action. But when you take action towards a goal, anything can happen for you. If you take no action, one thing is assured. Nothing will happen.

I'm always amazed at how self help gurus spend time skirting around the issue of working. Of getting things in motion. Too many times, they focus on stupid stuff like getting people to spend time in a sweat box until they die. What on earth does that have to do with reaching your goals. Absolutely nothing.

The key to success is taking action.

Action creates momentum. Action creates opportunity and in the case of the friend in my group, it created a little bit of luck.

Those in our group found a lot of inspiration in his story. I hope that you do too. More importantly, if I do anything here at the Black Belt Project is inspire you to take control of your life by taking action today and taking responsibility for your own luck.

You just never know how it might show up.

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