Thursday, November 24, 2011

GTD Project List

Part of my goal with this site is to lay it out in a similar fashion to a GTD system. As part of that, every GTD system has a project list. So what I have done here is set up a page that will be my GTD project list. My vision here is that I will lay out several projects to undertake similar to the thirty day challenge page I put together the other day to keep track of those.

A project is something that requires more than one step. As you process the things that come through your inbox, you will find stuff that requires several steps to complete. When that stuff pops up, you should make an item on your project list. During your weekly review, you review your project list and make sure there are next actions for each project you want to move forward.

I personally have several project lists that I use to manage all of my projects. For example, three I can think of off the top of my head are a personal list, a professional list and a client list.

You should look at these lists as tickler items that remind you that you have an open loop you need to keep track of. When you review your project list during your review, it will remind you that you have decided to move it forward through your GTD system.

Without the project list, it would be alot easier to forget a lot of the stuff we need to do. We'd be keeping a mental list in our head. You need to get out of the habit of doing that and make sure that you have started working on your project list.

Many of my projects are recurring projects. I personally keep my project lists in basecamp and I print them out to review them during my weekly review.

Over time, I will add projects to my site and categorize them on this page. As I do that, you will see them show up below. In the meantime, if you don't have a project list, get one started.

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Hope do you store you list? I have two project list for work. One for new projects and other projects.