Thursday, January 5, 2012

White Belt Master Training Day 5 The Mechanics Behind Measuring Your Mental Strength

Today's training is a video lesson. Be sure and maximize the video so you can see it.

[S3VIDEO file='video/whitebeltmasterday5.mp4']

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Great lesson...

There is a fellow Chet (can't remember his last name) who owns a wildly successful pest control firm in Florida. He has extremely detailed checklists for every employee in his firm. The checklists for the office folks even include items like "turn on lights" "turn off lights" and things like that.

I believe I read about him in Dan Kennedy's No B.S. Management of People and Profits book. I know a guy who owns a local pest control firm who spent a ton of money to shadow this fellow for a week.

Only a week, that's pretty good. Unless that's A couple of other tips, I meant to mention in the video. I use a yellow pad to follow me around. And once you start making your list, I also would advise printing it out at first to get it in front of you and actually checking the items off.