Tuesday, January 3, 2012

White Belt Master Training Day 3 - The Formula For Active Visualization


Over the last two days, you've started to lay the ground work to become a White Belt Master. You've started a thirty day challenge to learn how to change. You have started a checklist to start to begin the process to measure your mental strength. On day three, before I expand on those concepts, the next concept I want to introduce is how to begin what I call active visualization.

A few years ago, there was a popular book called "The Secret". It was marketed quite well. Even Oprah got behind it. The book is based on a concept called the Law of Attraction. Basically, the idea is that if you think it, it will come true for you.

And while, I do believe in The Secret's philosophy and believe that the Law of Attraction works, I don't believe it works without one important additional component. That component is - ACTION.

While it is entirely possible to attract what you want through the power of your mind, it becomes even more likely that you will get what you want out of life if you also take steps to achieve it.

I call this process active visualization and it works like this.

If there is something that you want to have or accomplish, you have to figure out what a small step would be to do it and then take that step. Then you have to repeat it by taking another small step and you have to repeat it again.

Your mind is a powerful thing. It can attract what you desire. But nothing gets your mind working when it knows you are serious about what you visualize.

Once your mind sees a mental picture it can help you figure out how to get it. Only thinking about what you want only uses part of the brains power.

What is even more powerful is when your mind pictures what you want and then sees an action taken to achieve it. Ask yourself what the next step is and you will be amazed at the answers it comes up with.

Results of actions taken give the brain more power to figure out how to accomplish what you want. It creates clarity. The more actions that you take towards a specific vision, the more data your brain has to work with and it starts identifying more ways to get there.

And then a funny thing happens. The law of attraction kicks in. People and resources find a way into your life to help you achieve what you want and before you know it. What you visualized is a reality.

So here is the formula:


What I need you to do today is ask yourself, what is something that you really think you want. Then ask yourself what is one small step you can take to reach it.

I talk more about this in today's podcast.

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Very interesting. I had a good friend who loved “The Secret” -- I was shocked when I found out. It seems absurd that people could imagine just wishing will make something so...but I guess that is what people want to hear.

I have never tried active visualization--I will now. Have you read “The New Psycho-Cybernetics”? I guess the main technique of that book is what you are describing.

Luke, you are my resident reference librarian. I think you've read everything...lol... I haven't read that one.

ha! Just a dork is all. I don't think you are missing much with that one.

I agree with Luke to the extend that I don't believe people can just believe in something (and visualize it) and it becomes a reality. But I do believe that when my mind is focused on something and I 'visualize' it, I am much more aware of opportunities that come around.