Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Start Planning Your Next Thirty Day Challenge

As I approach the end of the month, I have a few things on my mind. The first is that I am excited that I'm about to complete a thirty day challenge. This month, I've been walking three miles every day. The next thing I start thinking about is maintaining what I start this month as a habit. It's important to make change take hold in my life. So, when I start a thirty day challenge, I tell myself mentally that I only have to do it for thirty days. Once I make it through a whole month, I switch gears and set the bar there. The goal is to continue what I started and continue to walk three miles every day from this point forward. The final thing that's important to me is that I need to start thinking about the next thing I want to work on.

So, if you have been doing your thirty day challenge, over the next few days you need to start deciding on what you can do next month.

If you haven't added my Black Belt Project Calendar, I've added this as a reminder on the 25th of every month as a recurring event to remind you it's time to start this process.

As you begin to think about that, you'll want to make your challenge something that is progressively harder than last month. It doesn't have to be that much harder. Small increments actually work better.

Let your mental strength be your guide and set yourself up for success.

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