Saturday, December 3, 2011

Why It's Important To Visualize What You Want And Take Action Now

Whether you feel stuck in your current situation or are well on your way to mastering your life, an important component to getting what you want is to visualize your outcome. This visualization process doesn't have to be an all out formal process. For me, it's nearly enough to say what you want and take at least one action step towards it and a consistent review to take more actions later.

The reason I feel this is all that is necessary is because of how the brain works. Once you tell your brain that you want something, it is very powerful. It will start to figure out how to get it. Many of you may recognize this phenomenon from the fad book series called "The Secret" a while back.

But it's not enough to say you want something. The secret ingredient is the action step you take to start the process towards it. Your brain sees your actions and recognizes the need to figure out what the next step is and starts to do it subconsciously.

And once you review your progress towards a goal you have and take another consistent action, it reinforces the brains desire to make it come true.

This is the part of "The Secret" that as far as I know they left out. The action step.

So in a nutshell, start getting an idea of what you want your life to look like. Take a step towards it. Don't worry about how big the step is, just take a step towards it by taking action now. Then review your progress and take another small step. When you do this, your mind will start to find a way to do it.

Asking yourself questions like how can I get or how can I accomplish something will improve your life.

As an example, I have already visualized what I want the Black Belt Project to look like. I want it to be a community of doers. I want it to be helpful to members and I want it to provide a concrete path towards life mastery that anyone can do.

This idea in and of itself is pretty grand in my opinion. But without the second part, taking action towards it, the visualization doesn't make an imprint on your mind the same way with just the idea. It's almost as if the mind says, yeah, I know that you'd like that, but I'm not really sure that you REALLY want it.

Writing on this site everyday is the action that starts to make that visualization a reality. Each thing I write brings it into focus and tells my brain I am serious about the mental picture that I gave it. And since I am serious, it says hey, I better get to work on that!

By taking action on your goals it works the same way. You tell your brain you are indeed serious in your quest. And it starts working on clarifying the picture of it and figuring out a path to obtain it.

Visualize and then take action today.

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