Thursday, December 22, 2011

How To Measure Your Mental Strength And How To Improve It


Tonight I wanted to talk about how to measure your mental strength and how to improve it. Mental toughness is something that a lot of people talk about but few people know how to measure. We know what it looks like when we see it. We know what it feels like when we have it. But really, how strong are you mentally? Do you even know? And once you do, how can you improve it.

In the daily review today, I talk about how it's easy to measure your physical strength. You go to the gym and pick up some weight and lift it. Either you can or you can't. To get stronger, you figure out how much you can lift and you slowly increase the weight.

For mental work, increasing mental strength also works the same way except for instead of lifting weight, you do tasks. How many tasks you can do determines how mentally strong you are.

The first step in defining your mental strength is starting to put together a checklist of your daily activities and see how far you can get each day. Once you figure out how far into your checklist that you can get well, that represents how mentally strong you are.

To build mental strength, you want to progressively add more tasks a little at a time. Once your brain adapts to being able to do that, then you add some more.

Each time you do that, you want to set the bar there that you will get that far every day. Start the bar low and slowly increase it.

Slow, progressive increases whether you are changing habits or trying to improve your productivity over long periods of time, make you mentally tougher.

I talk more about this in tonight's podcast which is free to all visitors.

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Do you find that when you have these task you find more ways to bcome efficiant?

I have found that when I start writing down how I do something, my brain subconsciously starts to help me figure out how to do it better when I review it each day and that I also improve my speed.