Saturday, November 12, 2011

Why You Have To Study Your Own Life To Be Successful

I was talking to a friend of mine tonight and we got to talking about how everyone has a job that is so different than everyone else's. Because of this, it is hard to provide advice to people with a one size fits all approach. This as you know has been my biggest beef with the so called self help industry. They try and appeal to the most amount of people and provide such generic advice. It really doesn't help a lot of people. It is all fluff designed for one purpose and that is to make money.

At the Black Belt Project, my particular vision for the site is that it is not a place like that. I want it so that when people come to the site that eventually they find a concrete series of steps they can take to be successful done in such a way that they provide the maximum benefit. The site is in no way there yet but I wanted to address it a bit right now while it was on my mind.

I think the key concept here is that when you expect someone to teach you how to be successful, the bar has been set pretty high. By putting that expectation on them, you really also put the burden on them for whether or not you achieve your goals. When the reality is the burden of success lies directly on our shoulders.

Somewhere in between is the path. There is a method that I think can be applied to our daily existence in mass but specific enough that it provides great value to everyone.

That path is self study. You have to be a student of your own life. You have to look at each and every problem you face and know how you are going to handle it before it gets to you again in the future.

The best example I can give of this is the NFL football coach. These people spend all week studying every possible decision they will need to make in that week's game. You can see the evidence of this work by watching them on the sideline. In nearly every case, you will see that they hold what looks to be a 11x17 laminated piece of paper. On it, are  all the situations they will face in the game. Also on it are all the decisions they have already made whenever they see a particular game situation.

You and I have to look at our life with the same mindset. Everything that comes your way, you have to analyze and study to see what the proper course of action should be. And you should do that every single day until every single decision you have to make has been prethought and already decided. If it can't be, then the process to make the decision has to be instead.

So as we move forward here, I think that is my challenge. I have to show you the path of self study. I have to show you how to be like the football coach on the sideline of your life, ready to react, ready to decide and to be ready to succeed. The onus will be on you to put in the effort of self study.

Accept and act on that challenge and success awaits you.

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