Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thirty Day Challenge List

I'm going to use this page to provide a hub to list all of my thirty day challenges. The idea behind a thirty day challenge is to establish a new habit and more importantly, to establish small steps towards greater goals to create momentum. If you are having a tough time getting moving, I suggest you make a goal to complete a thirty day challenge.

If this is the first one you have done, make it something easy that you know you can be successful with for a whole month. While it might sound stupid, these little tiny successes can be the springboard towards bigger ones later. Start on the first day and end on the last of the month.

I know some days will have 31 days, so on those months you'll have to eke out an extra day. I saw someone do a "no alcohol" challenge in February. After I thought about it, I thought that was pretty smart because it was only 28 days.

The only thing here is that once you make it through a challenge successfully, you will want to continue that habit onward while starting another challenge.

I know there is a chance you might fail to get through the month. Don't beat yourself up. Start another one the following month.

Below, I'll provide links to the challenges that I have done. I hope you find inspiration in my list and I wish you great success in completing your challenges.

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I like this challenge. Can you have more than one? And if so how many would be a good number? One more question would one in each goal category work? For example: spiritual, personal, work.