Saturday, November 26, 2011

Month 2: How I Gave Up Eating Fried Foods

I love fried food. Bring on the fries and the chicken fingers. But I also know that in order to be healthy and lose weight that I needed to give up the fried food. A few months back I made it my thirty day challenge to give up fried food. This was my second thirty day challenge and came the month after I gave up drinking diet coke. I have now gone nearly 7 months without fried food.

My philosophy on these thirty day challenges is that when you first start that you give up things instead of trying to add stuff to your routines. I recommend this because it's easier mentally because it requires no physical effort to do. So, while it doesn't mean that you'll be successful if you do a challenge that requires any physical effort on your part, it will be easier.

I actually found it easier to give up fried food than the diet coke. Because they go so well together, I think that's why it worked out that way.

The other thing that I do whenever I give up anything is not put any restrictions on anything else that I do. That meant I could have anything else - as long as I didn't have diet coke which was my previous challenge.

If you are thinking about giving up fried food, it's a good idea. It will make you healthier. All of that trans fast where they still include it isn't good for you.

The only thing that I had to do was figure out what to substitute for fries when I ate things that normally came with them like a burger. What I did was eat cole slaw instead where possible. Or, if I ate at McDonalds, I would just order another hamburger because they aren't that big.

At first there was a craving for fries but I noticed that after a while it did go away and now I don't really crave it anymore.

One other tip was that I didn't include chips in my fried food challenge. I saved that for another challenge when I gave up things in bags which I will write about soon.

If you are considering giving up fried food, I would strongly encourage you to do it as you start to begin a path towards healthier eating.

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Great job on your challenge. Keep up the good work. One of the 30 days I want is to cook at home and start a blog.