Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Daily Review 6: How To Put Together Your Daily Checklist

In today's daily review I wanted to let you see how my daily checklist is coming together. As I mentioned in the August monthly review, I am starting my Black Belt Project from scratch. To do that, I am breaking down all of the tasks that I want to accomplish on a daily basis and putting them into a daily review checklist. This list of items will continue to evolve as I put it together and fine tune it by moving things around. You'll find a link to the checklist below but it is only available to members.

Here are some tips for putting together a daily checklist:

  1. Start at the beginning of the day. Mastering your life starts by mastering everything - from the beginning.

  2. Write everything down. Get it all out of your head. Don't worry about how mundane it is. Get it out.

  3. Put little check boxes next to each item.

  4. Print the list off so you can check things off and write notes of things that need to be added or moved around.

  5. Update the list each day with new items.

  6. Bold the item of your current black belt level. This should match your thirty day challenge at this point.

  7. Keep your check list in google docs so you can have access to it everywhere.

The daily checklist is your road map to mastery. Look at it as your playbook. As we develop it, we'll have it everything on it. And eventually move onto a monthly checklist.

The other technique I recommend is bolding the items you have managed to complete every day. This is your black belt level. Once you reach a level, stay at it and don't fall back. Increase your mental toughness slowly but one step at a time.

I talk more about my daily checklist in today's daily review accessibility. A link to my list is also available to members. I encourage you to join the black belt project today.

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Click this link to my daily checklist.

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