Tuesday, May 3, 2011

002 How To Become A Black Belt At GTD And Master Your Time

In today's weekly review podcast, I wanted to talk about how to become a black belt at GTD and master your time. I've been working with my GTD system since about 2006 and I have to tell you that no other system has had such a profound impact on my life than David Allen's Getting Things Done. It is a great system. I do have to tell you though that getting your GTD system to black belt is just the beginning of mastering your life and that is what this site is all about. GTD will provide the framework you need but reaching your potential and mastering your life requires a deeper commitment to consistency and sense of purpose that can't be reached unless you get a hold of all of the loose ends in your head. So, that is why I think your journey should start with a solid GTD setup.

What I've decided to do here is to start constructing a living GTD setup that you can tap into and see exactly how I've set my system up and how I work it on a daily basis. Behind the scenes here on the site, I've put in place a membership site that will represent your training facility to work on your "game" so to speak. I will call this training area the Dojo. While I have the structure of the site in place, you'll notice that is has a while to go with regard to being the kind of resource you need to master all aspects of your life. Because of that, what I have done is establish what I call a "beta" version of the site. During this beta period, I encourage you to join the site by clicking the link above called "Become A Black Belt" and registering for membership. Currently, membership is free. If you join now, you'll be considered a founding member and when the day comes that the "Dojo" officially opens, you'll receive a 50% discount on the monthly membership fees charged for new members. In the meantime, you'll have free use of all of the content that I put up until then. During this founding member period, I would also like to extend an offer to each member that joins a free Skype consultation on exactly where you need help and exactly how the Black Belt Project can help you. Once you join, please email me that you want to take me up on this offer. My goal is to help you reach your potential.

What's going to happen from here is that each week, I will do a weekly review podcast. This podcast will be free to all visitors to help give them a taste of how the site actually works and what they can expect. On a daily basis, I will also provide updates that complement the weekly review. These daily reviews will give you the complete picture of how the system is developed.

Initially, I will start setting up my GTD system from scratch just like a beginner. I will do the best I can to walk you through each part as I set it up in complete detail - from collection, through processing, organizing, doing and finally reviewing.

Once this setup is complete, I'll look to improve it's performance and move it to a black belt level. Once I reach that stage, that will mean that I have obtained my red belt. At that point, I'll look to move onto my next belt and so on.

I hope you enjoy this week's review. Let me know how I can help.

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Hey there--have you ever read Neil Fiore's the Now Habit? That is the system that had the biggest impact on my life. Love your site!

Best, Luke

Hey Luke, thanks for the kind words. Yes I have read that book and it's part of my library. There are some good techniques in there. In particular, scheduling time to have fun!